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Institute for Public Safety Partnerships

The Institute was created in July of 1997 to develop, deliver, and evaluate new community policing education, training, and technical assistance services using traditional training methods and state-of-the-art distance learning tools. The community policing educational process developed by IPSP is unique in several ways. Its training focuses on building and sustaining effective partnerships for problem solving in communities that involve the police, community organizations, social service and other governmental agencies; recruiting community residents to participate in problem solving efforts; and seriously assessing the outcomes of problem solving and partnership building efforts. IPSP follows education and training with assistance efforts of various kinds. IPSP will provide its training and services to communities in Illinois and the midwest.

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Robert P. Boehmer, Director

BSB, M/C 4014C
1007 West Harrison Street
Chicago, IL 60607
Phone: 312-355-1753
Fax: 312-355-1398


Geographic Areas Served: State of Illinois

Program Activity Types: Service

Program Duration: Few months / semester

Program Frequency: On-going