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Guided Individual Study

GIS offers undergraduate credit courses in an independent study format. Students enroll at any time and have up to nine months to complete the course, learning at their own pace using self-instructional materials. Online courses, printed study guides and textbooks are augmented by videotapes, audiotapes, and other media. Interaction with the instructor is via U.S. mail and e-mail.

Approximately 130 courses in more than 20 subject areas are offered. Courses are open to high school graduates who have met the course prerequisites, if any, and high school seniors with superior academic records who have obtained permission to enroll in introductory college-level courses from their high schools and the university. College students who wish to take these courses must also seek permission. A catalog and enrollment form is available from the GIS office.

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Geographic Areas Served: State of Illinois, Nation

Program Activity Types: Program

Program Duration: Few months / semester

Program Frequency: On-going