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Early Outreach: The Health Science Enrichment Program (HSEP) for High School Students

The Health Science Enrichment Program (HSEP) provides an opportunity for high school students, who are interested in careers in the health professions, to take classes in biology, applied mathematics, scientific research writing, and computer science, along with attending workshops on test taking, health careers, and public speaking.

This seven week program is conducted at UIC. Depending on funding, the program is residential or commuter. Technical support is provided in the form of computer laboratory usage, training in library search and word processing skills, using a scientific calculator, creating databases and spreadsheets, and statistical analysis training. There are seminars focused on student projects and the following topics: professionalism, academic advising, the review of literature, determining experts, cooperative and collaborative work, the culture of constructive crtiticism, defining and limiting a research problem, setting priorities and time lines, research ethics, the integrity of data, experimental bias, history, originality, citation, plagiarism, human and animal experimental restrictions, career counseling, and standardized testing.

Weekend activities involve parents and students attending a lecture series showcasing scholars from UIC and their research, in addition to field trips to UIC facilities. This program serves as a pipeline into the health professions programs at UIC.

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